The Author

Mani Seangsuwan studied at several universities for over 20 years, as time would permit, primarily in the fields of sociology and psychology, culminating in a Master of Arts in Human Behavior in 1985 and a Psy.D. in 2002.
From Bangkok, Thailand to Hawaii and California, Dr. Seangsuwan finally moved to Utah and became the Program Coordinator for the Asian Association of Utah. In this capacity, his roles and responsibilities included Drug and Alcohol Prevention, Employment Services and Refugee Mental Health. For five years, he was the Asian/Pacific Islander Festival of Utah organizer
On many occasions, Dr. Seangsuwan was asked to speak regarding " Asian Cultural Practice" before groups of social workers. He was a board member for the Refugee Advisory Board, Salt Lake City and Ogden Utah, the Adult Education Committee, Vice Chairman of the minority HIV/AIDS prevention with American Red Cross and the Asian/Pacific Islander Youth Leadership Conference Director. He also was a member of the Salt Lake Police chaplains department for three years. He later accepted a position as a career development counselor for the Clearfield Job Corps and has worked in youth counseling for American youth for over twenty years. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, Washington, D.C.