Here you can read the highlights of some of my favorite chapters.

In the Introduction section of the book is one of my favorite chapters: “The East India Mission”. This tells the story of Elders Levi Savage Jr. and Elam Luddington, who along with four others, were called to serve in Siam in the fall of 1852. Many missionaries who served in Thailand know that Elder Luddington actually made it to Siam in 1854; but what happened to Elder Savage?

Missionary work in that era was very different from today. The saints in the Great Salt Lake Valley were just getting a foothold in Utah. Nevertheless, 12 Elders were sent to India and four to Thailand. That was a bold undertaking given how little was known of Asia at the time.

Why did all sixteen end up in Calcutta? Why did only one of the four called to Siam actually make it to Bangkok? Did they have any converts? Why did Elders Savage and Luddington separate?

Here is the first of three parts to this story Part 1: Without Purse or Scrip.

Here is the second of three parts to this story. "Part 2: Elder Levi Savage Excommunicated and Evicted"