About the Author
Reed B. Haslam grew up in Holladay, Utah, on a portion of the land that his grandfather Haslam purchased in the early 1900s. He was called to serve in the Thailand Bangkok Mission in 1973. While he was just an average missionary, he was blessed to have some remarkable opportunities. Reed served with two native Thai companions Elders Mongkol Tungmala and Mani Seangsuwan. Elder Tungmala was one of his Thai language instructors at the Language Training Mission in Laie Hawaii, before Mongkol decided to become a missionary himself. The book "Monk to Missionary" tells the life story of Mani Seangsuwan. Reed and Mani were companions in Ayuthaya Thailand for four months in 1974. It was this period of time that Reed did the best gospel teaching of his mission. He had the opportunity in a small way to help Sister Srilaksana translate LDS scripture into the Thai language as his final assignment in the mission field.

After his mission he completed his education at the University of Utah, where he received the following degrees: B.S. Meteorology, B.A. Mathematics, M.S. Meteorology, and M.S. Computer Science. His career has included software engineering at Patil Systems, the forerunner of today’s Cirrus Logic Corporation, Evans & Sutherland, Novell, Northrop Grumman and Harris Corporation, Nant Health and United Healthcare. He retired in 2021.

His church service has included Ward Executive Secretary to three different Bishops, Elders Quorum President, High Priest Group Leader, Stake High Councilman, Counselor in the Stake Mission presidency, Stake Family History consultant, gospel doctrine teacher (eight years), Sunday School President and Stake Clerk - History (I wonder why?). He and his wife Sherry served in the Salt Lake Inner City Project as service missionaries (2009-2011).

Having been trained in the technical skills of mathematics, weather prediction, and computer science, he never expected to author historical books. In April 2005, however, he became convinced that the history of the translation of the Book of Mormon into the Thai language was such a magnificent story that it had to be preserved. That led to his first book “Translating Scripture: The Thai Book of Mormon.” After one of his Thai companions, Mani Seangsuwan, returned from his first senior mission in Thailand, Reed wrote his personal story in “Monk to Missionary.” His latest effort, “The Light Breaks on Southeast Asia” is by far his most challenging book to date. He still does not fully understand his motivation for writing these books, but believes there is real value in documenting how the Lord has blessed those who strive to build up His kingdom on the earth.

Reed and his wife Sherry W. Haslam are the parents of four exceptional children: Robert, Jared, Michael and Angela (twins). They have twelve grand-children (ages 4-11).