Book Review

The "Mormon Times" a weekly supplement to the Deseret News recently reviewed "Monk to Missionary". They also interviewed Mani Seangsuwan whose life experiences are the subject of the book. Their reviews can be read on-line at their web site using the links below:

Book Review


Monk to Missionary is the biography of R. Mani Seangsuwan. Born in Chumphon province in the South of Thailand, Mani knew little of the world outside his small village. At age seventeen he left home in search of fun and adventure. He joined a group of "party animals" in Lopburi, Thailand, and thought for a time this was the life for him.
His mother convinced him that he needed to correct his behavior and suggested he become a Buddhist monk. He followed her advice he became a monk at the local monastery. At the end of three months, the typical period of service as a disciple of Buddha, he decided to continue on. After a year he moved to a Buddhist temple in Thonburi across the river from Bangkok. It was here he started to meet Christians. Taking a pamphlet from the Baptists he received a bible study kit in the mail. He studied the Bible in secret while still a Buddhist monk.
His next step was to earn money to become a school teacher. This was the vision that his mother had for him. He met more Christian missionaries and felt good about their message. He was still concerned how other Thais would view him if they knew he was studying about Jesus Christ. The Thai people believe, "To be a good Thai, one must be a good Buddhist". How could he go against his family and the well established culture of his homeland? His decision changed the rest of his life.
Proceeds from the sales of this book will help Mani and Nadda to return to Thailand a second time as missionaries.
As a sample of the content of the book you may read Chapter 3. [Adobe reader required - Free download from